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Core inter-banking Spreads, Best Execution or Multi-Asset Class solutions are a must in today’s competitive marketplace. That said, is this really the absolute best one can deliver to empower and enhance end-clients’ trading experience?

Knowledge is key. No individual can constantly keep up with and interpret uninterrupted flows of information coming from all around the world. The Financial Markets are difficult to access and investments decisions are not an exact science yet are increasingly complex. Edge’s exclusive added-value services such as Institutional-Grade Market Research & Tools make our MT4+ offering one of the most comprehensive and desirable in the marketplace!

Institutional-Grade Tools

  • Two Questions:
    - What do Top Banking Institutions such as UBS Switzerland, UBS Germany, Citi Germany, Citi France, Citi Netherlands, DAB Bank, DZ Bank and more, have in common? 
    - And what does Edge’s MT4+ offer that no other retail Brokers’ MT4 platforms have on offer?
  • One Answer:
    A German engineered Institutional-Grade Price Pattern Detection tool.

Edge Patternscout

Edge PATTERNSCOUTTechnical Analysis is a popular and effective approach for predicting price performance; nevertheless it remains time and resource intensive. With Patternscout, Retail Traders benefit from the full potential of Institutional-Grade technical chart analysis, without doing the analyses themselves.

Selected by Tier1 Banks to service their most valued High-End Clients, this professional state-of-the-art chart analysis tool detects price patterns by automatically scanning thousands of Instruments across all available Asset Classes, and calculates instrument price targets in real time, hence generating reliable trading opportunities. It relies on push technology to ensure trading information and recommendations are instantaneously available to the end-user.

Initially composed of an HTML5 frontend and a data feed generated from the backend, Edge is currently integrating this software into its own MT4+ platform in order to distribute it to its Clients and Partners in full exclusivity across the MT4 brokerage marketplace.

Patternscout certainly is the latest and most advanced Chart Pattern Recognition tool currently available on the market. The capabilities, logics and automation of this software are beyond those of any other common PRS tools, notably the Autochartist.

This is the reason why Edge as much as DZ, DAB, Citi, or UBS selected this tool over all others. This also is the reason why Patternscout’s developers chose not to distribute this powerful piece of software via any other less ethical Retail Broker (i.e. not to jeopardize the performance of the software) and instead retained Edge’s fully transparent and direct model accordingly.

A decision which we at Edge Brokers believe to be self-explanatory.

Edge Patternscout Specifications

  • Automatic monitoring of price performance in real time.
  • Continuous monitoring of 1000 instruments of various Asset Classes (Equities, Commodities, Indices and Currencies).
  • Automatic recognition from:
    Chart patterns (Shoulder-head-shoulder, Flag, Triangle)
    Trading strategies (Expansion Breakouts)
    Candlesticks (Hammer, Three Black Crows)
    Trend information (Trend channels, trend periods)
    Specific course pattern (Gaps)
  • Performance of the price pattern development in real-time push technology.
  • Various time windows (intra-day and closing price).
  • Instant notification to buy or sell in real time through automatic detection of price trends.
  • Monitoring of pattern-specific trigger lines, with signals for breakouts.
  • Consistent detection and mapping of trends, making automated-trend-following trading possible.
  • Instant notification of appropriate entry points as price trends change.
  • Sophisticated search filters to match the software to unique trading preferences, in order to detect all potential chart patterns.
  • Selected over all other chart pattern recognition software by Tier1 banking institutions.

Looking Forward

This is only the beginning, Edge's Patternscout is just an example and we have many more innovations in the pipeline for our Clients and Partners to benefit from.

Edge Personal Web-Based Trading Desktop

As a complement to our MT4+ solutions, we are currently integrating the first fully customizable web application allowing real-time push-quotes, charts, indicators, financial news, widgets, pattern recognition, copy/mirror trading, social interactions and many more features to be combined and linked intelligently as a powerful Personal Web-based Trading Desktop. In other words, Bloomberg Terminal equivalence, available for free and applied to a 100% DMA/STP Model, serving the immediate benefits of the Retail Trading Community. This Future-Proof solution will finally enable our Retail Clients to RESEARCH, ANALYSE and EXECUTE (i.e. the 3 pillars of Trading) as professionally as any Institutional Trader operating on a Bloomberg Terminal, full stop. 

Edge Chart Trader

We are also integrating to our MT4+ platform an exclusive Chart Trader which among many other features will allow our Clients to visually set Take Profit and Stop Loss limits in a fraction of a second directly from the MT4 charts.


Unlike most Retail Brokerages, we at Edge Brokers do not limit ourselves to follow the crowd and copy our competition. We believe most applications currently available on the market have been designed as Marketing Gimmicks solely serving Market Makers' interests rather than as Institutional-Grade tools truly empowering Retail Traders to make smarter trading decisions. 

Stay tuned as all these cutting-edge applications are planned for launch throughout Q1 and Q2 2014, which shall definitely be a most exciting time of the year for our Clients, Partners and ourselves at Edge Brokers! 

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