Excellence in Technology

We at Edge Brokers nurture a passion for Business and Technology Transformations. We invest more in Technology than in Marketing and we believe that Scientific Creativity is becoming Financial Creativity. The Future is in Beta!

With Electronic Trading growing at an unprecedented rate, today's traders require robust technologies that provide effortless and rapid access to a wide range of Execution options and algorithms, thus optimizing trading efficiency and minimizing errors. In terms of Technology, Liquidity, Execution, Transparency, Anonymity and End-User Experience, Edge Brokers' solution suites are world-class. 

Committed to Best Execution and Transparency standards as well as to Interoperability between different Trading Platforms, with a particular focus on the Meta Trader, Edge Brokers actively promotes the standardization of Institutional-Grade solutions coupled with a fully Trader-Centric 100% Agency Model. Edge Brokers' innovative MT4+ solutions take Straight Through Processing, Smart Order Routing, Aggregation and Bridging to a new level, an unprecedented achievement within the Meta Trader environment. 

We are primed for having successfully developed and deployed a cutting-edge IT Infrastructure supporting the most demanding Trader-Centric functionalities. Our Ultra-Low Latency 100% DMA/STP solution suites grant direct and anonymous access to all major liquidity sources for Equities, Commodities, Forex, Bonds, ETFs, Rates and more.

Our success depends on delivering solutions that satisfy our clients' needs, not ours, and we shall strive to meet their objectives today, tomorrow and far into the future. Our clients shall be better informed, make faster investment decisions and enhance their Day-Trading performance. That is our commitment, and what we believe to be the new Retail Online Trading Benchmark, full stop.

Direct Market Access & Smart Order Routing 

Edge Brokers provides Ultra-Low Latency Direct Market Access (100% DMA/STP Agency Model) with No Broker Intervention, No Price Manipulation and No Execution Manipulation to all major Liquidity sources for Equities, Derivatives and Commodities, an absolute first within the MT4 Industry.

Edge Smart Order Routing Technology (SOR) aggregates the fragmented markets into a single, unified view systematically scanning 80+ Derivatives and Commodities Exchanges, including Dark-Pools and Light-Pools as well as Primary Exchanges such as the LSE, VIRT-X, XERTA, NYSE, or NASDAQ.

In addition to Primary Exchanges and in order to enhance the depth of Liquidity, Edge SOR also offers NightVision (Dark Pool) and SORT (Light Pool). Designed to address block trading and illiquid names, NightVision accesses fragmented sources of Dark Liquidity only through a comprehensive aggregation of Dark Pools, and dynamically allocates Liquidity based on every fills received.

Edge SOR has been designed to emphasize on speed, capacity and stability, while enhancing its power through a constant, real-time monitoring of market metrics, feedback from market activity and history research. In addition, it analyses the major variables of price, current and historical Liquidity, speed, and stability to determine its choice of destination for an order, systematically routing trades to the specific Exchange which offers at any given particular point in time the Best Price and/or the Deepest Liquidity available in the market, thus optimizing our clients' execution by capturing price improvement and minimizing market impact.  

Fully MiFID compliant, Edge SOR is an instrumental factor to Best Execution by enabling the greatest amount of natural Liquidity to our clients. Until now exclusively reserved to Prime Brokers and Financial Institutions, Edge Brokers offers this cutting-edge Technology to all its Retail Clients and Institutional Partners, without any exceptions or differentiations.


Forex Aggregation & MT4 Bridging 

Edge Brokers provides Ultra-Low Latency Direct Market Access (100% DMA/STP Agency Model) with No Broker Intervention, No Price Manipulation and No Execution Manipulation to Tier1 inter-banking Forex Liquidity, an absolute first within the MT4 Industry.

Our FX Aggregator (i.e. Pricing & Routing engine) aggregates 15+ Top Tier Bank and Non-Bank Liquidity Providers’ price-feeds in real-time. Offering our clients dynamic and intelligent access to a wide and diverse Pool of Liquidity our engine supports complex order routing and aggregation rules, as well as multi banded liquidity streams for superior execution especially on high trading volumes. Systematically calculating the probability of execution to execute on the best Bid & Ask available at any time in the market, here again our engine does optimize our clients' execution, notably by capturing price improvement and minimizing market impact. 

Edge Brokers relies on a best-of-breed high capacity Bridging Technology connecting the Meta Trader to advanced order routing and aggregation functionalities, notably capable of processing up to 10,000 trades per seconds and supporting a variety of frontends including the Meta Trader, FIX and custom APIs. Many Retail Brokers do use Bridging Technology, most notably to cover their exposure to Market Making risks (i.e. pass clients' orders to Banks whenever their Dealing Desks judge appropriate to limit possible losses on large and aggressive/disruptive clients' trades).

What is unique to Edge is that every single one of our clients' orders are passed to the market through our Bridge, without any exceptions. This means that our clients are granted unconditional and anonymous access to the market. As a result, we had to equip ourselves with the most robust and scalable Bridging Technology to support a constant 100% DMA/STP operating model processing a very high volumes of orders in Direct Market Access.

Empowered with total Control, complete Anonymity and trade Transparency, our clients can at any time amend orders, place limits on price and control trading behavior using different tactics and aggression levels. Orders are kept totally dark to the marketplace, preventing information leakage risks, typically against Stop Hunting. Additionally, extensive post-trade execution transparency enables our clients to see exactly how orders were filled, by whom and on which price they were executed. 

Most importantly, we at Edge Brokers pride ourselves for not marking-up the inter-banking Core Spreads, thus offering an exact picture of the Inter-Banking pricing, without any filters. Edge’s 100% transparent setup empowers FX Traders in the manner of Equity Traders whom always have the exact picture of the pricing of Exchanges traded Stocks.


Optimized for Retail & Institutional Flows

Our MT4+ platform has been setup to receive both Retail and Institutional type of flows. As an immediate benefit to the Retail Trading Community, the highest-end of our Retail Clients, typically trading large sizes in single clips, can totally rely on the scalability and robustness of our solutions. This is usually and unfortunately not the case with the vast majority of MT4 Retail Brokers.

Firstly, our Bridge can handle multiple fills, meaning that we can sweep a large order through multiple levels into our FX Aggregator. As a result, Clients tend to get much better fills on large orders within our MT4+ than with most others MT4s. Very few bridges can handle multiple fills, full stop.

Secondly, our setup handles Limit Orders as genuine Limit Orders rather than waiting for the price to trigger and releasing a market order into the market. Most MT4 Bridges release Fill-or-Kill market orders when limits are triggered, whereas with Edge Brokers every single one of our Clients’ orders are systematically Straight Through Processed to our Liquidity Providers on a "Fill or Fill" basis (i.e. no requotes) with both Positive and Negative Slippage enabled (i.e. no broker intervention on price improvement).

Bottom line, Retail Clients, Institutional Partners or Broker Clients (i.e. seeking Institutional Liquidity) putting large Limit Orders into the system will systematically achieve better fills with Edge Brokers.

The time has come for the Retail Trading Community to try us and adopt us in order to take immediate advantage of the latest Business and Technology Transformations improving our industry. 

We are Edge Brokers, your game-changing partner of choice!

* The price of a call varies depending on the country from which you are calling
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Risk Warning:

Edge Brokers offers trading on margin. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you, and losses can exceed your entire investment. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary and review our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Disclosure before opening an account. Copyright © 2012 Edge Brokers Ltd.
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