MT4+ Account Specifications

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We are the only Retail Broker empowering ALL CLIENTS (i.e. from USD 500 minimum deposit) to Buy or Short Sell up to 9 Asset Classes (i.e. 800+ instruments) under 1 Platform, 1 Pricing Type, 1 Execution Type and 1 Account Type.

With Edge Brokers you benefit from Core Inter-Banking Spreads, Low Trading Costs, Full Anonymity, Full Transparency, Deep Liquidity and 100% DMA/STP Ultra-Low Latency Access to a wide variety of Majors, Minors and Exotic Currency Pairs as well as to 80+ Primary and Secondary Derivatives and Commodities Exchanges!  

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Edge's exclusive upgrade of the MetaTrader 4


800+ instruments including:

Major, Minor and Exotic Currency Pairs
Precious Metals
Major US / EU / Asian Indices
Major US / EU Stocks
US / EU Bonds
Major Commodities
Major ETFs
Inflation Rates
Interest Rates

MT4 Servers:

High Capacity Server Technology 
Hosted in London (Equinix LD4) and New York (Equinix NY4)  

MT4 Bridge:

High capacity Bridging Technology
Connected to Edge Advanced Order Routing and Aggregation Engine
Up to 10,000 trades per seconds capacity*

* within the MT4 environment (up to 50,000 trades per seconds within non-MT4 environment)


Real Exchange Spreads for Stock CFDs
Floating Inter-Banking Core Spreads  from 0 pips for FX
0.1 pip weekly average on EUR/USD
Fifth Decimal
No Mark-up
No Minimum Spread
No Price Manipulation

See other pairs’ weekly averages


0.40 USD per 1 Minilot per side for Forex & Silver
0.25 USD per 1 Minilot per side for Gold
0.25 USD per 1 CFD per side for Indices
0.25 USD per 1 CFD per side for Bonds
0.25 USD per 1 CFD per side for Commodities

For Stocks:
- Fixed Commission - 2.5 cents USD per stock for Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Russian and US Stocks; 2.5 cents CAD per stock for Canadian Stocks.
- Percentage of the order volume - 0.05% for Austrian, Belgian, Finnish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swiss and UK Stocks; 0.3% for Hungarian and Polish Stocks; 0.25% for Hong Kong Stocks; 0.1% for Australian and the rest of the EU Stocks.

Important notes:
- There is a minimum amount charged for traded Stocks based on the group they fall into.*
- Commission charges will vary for residents of Mainland China.

*For a complete overview of all charges, please see the section "Commissions and Additional Fees" of the contract specifications (Standard & Swap Free).

High Volume Commissions:

Available for high volume traders

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Custom Commissions:

upon client request commissions can be included into the Core Spread to accommodate specific EA trading logics whenever applicable

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Financing charges for CFDs:

See full contract specifications (Standard & Swap Free)

Swaps for FX:

See full FX Swaps

Max leverage:

1:400 for Forex
1:100 for Precious Metals
1:100 for Indices
1:20 for Stocks
1:100 for Bonds
1:100 for Commodities

To see the standard leverage for each asset class, please refer to the full contract specifications (Standard & Swap Free)

To increase the leverage, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


100% DMA/STP/NDD Agency Only *
100% Fill or Fill model with Smart Order Routing functionality
Sub 5 milliseconds in average

Direct Access to 15+ Tier1 Liquidity Providers
Direct Access to 80+ Primary & Secondary Derivatives and Commodities Exchanges

No Requotes
No Execution Manipulation
No Broker Intervention
No Conflict of Interests

* for all ticket sizes including micro, mini and standard FX lots

Execution Speed:

Often sub 2 Milliseconds

See Execution Report

Pre-Trade Transparency:

Floating Inter-Banking Core Spreads for FX
Real Exchange Spreads for Stock CFDs

No Mark-up
No Price Manipulation

Post-Trade Transparency:

100% MiFID compliant
Full Execution Reports presenting name of LP, execution time and price can be delivered upon client request

See Execution Reports


Client identity and orders kept 100% anonymous  to Liquidity Providers
Absolute protection against Stop Hunting

Price Improvement:

Negative and Positive Slippage enabled

Segregation of Client Funds:

100% segregated and kept without any exception in world-class European* banking institutions
Investor Compensation Fund available

* MENA customers can deposit in MENA banking institutions

Minimum opening deposit:

500 USD

No discrimination

Lot Types for FX:

Micro, Mini and Standard Lots enabled

Minimum trade size:

0.01 lot for Forex
0.01 lot for Precious Metals
1 CFD for Indices
1 CFD for Stocks
1 CFD for Bonds
1 CFD for Commodities

Trade size increment:

0.01 lot for Forex
0.01 lot for Precious Metals
1 CFD for Indices
1 CFD for Stocks
1 CFD for Bonds
1 CFD for Commodities

Maximum open position:

No limit

Maximum open/pending orders:

No Limit

Margin Call Level:

If your equity goes below 100% of your required margin, you will receive a margin call to deposit more funds into your account

Stop Out Level:

If your equity goes below 75% of your required margin, an automated stop out will be triggered (first closing the position with the largest floating loss)

Edge Research:


Edge Trading Tools:


Account currency:


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* The price of a call varies depending on the country from which you are calling
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Risk Warning:

Edge Brokers offers trading on margin. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you, and losses can exceed your entire investment. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary and review our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Disclosure before opening an account. Copyright © 2012 Edge Brokers Ltd.
Edge Brokers Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the French Securities and Exchange Commission - ACPR (Licence number: 150/11) and is a Member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). Edge Brokers Ltd. is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - BaFin (Registration number: 825834), the British Financial Conduct Authority - FCA (Registration number: 580193), the French Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution - ACPR (Registration number 74013) and is MiFID compliant under the Investment Services and Regulated Market Law of 2007 (Law number: 144(I)/2007). Edge Brokers Ltd. is licenced to provide the investment services of Agency Only Execution (i.e. reception and transmission of orders, execution of orders on behalf of clients) and Portfolio Management in relation to Transferable Securities, Options, Futures, SWAPS, Forward Rate Agreements, Financial Contracts for Differences (CFD) and other Derivatives. Edge Brokers Ltd. is also licenced to provide the ancillary service of Safekeeping and Administration of Financial Instruments. is owned and operated by Edge Brokers Ltd., France.
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