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From the CEO & MD

From the CEO

On behalf of Edge Brokers, I thank you for considering us your electronic trading partner of choice.

We think of ourselves as one of the world’s best additions to the CFDs and Forex Retail Brokerage industry, but also as a game changing Technology Company designing state-of-the-art electronic trading infrastructures and systems that deliver more than just marketing promises.

After 18 months of extensive research and Development, we launched a unique best-of-breed Electronic Trading solution suite on December 24th 2011. We broke-even by end of Q1 2012 and since then kept generating fantastic Live Clients feedback which we pride ourselves and our partners for.

Throughout 2012, we validated our disruptive business model, secured our operational/IT infrastructures and geared up to deploy our new solutions (i.e. Asset Management, Quants, FX Delivery, White Label and Prime solutions). Most notably, we achieved a respectable and enviable presence in Europe, particularly across German speaking territories (i.e. DACH region) where we attracted a sophisticated client base, and are already addressing a footprint spanning 60+ countries over 5 continents.

Since breaking-even and despite the global turmoil affecting our Industry, trading volumes, account openings and deposits have been growing steadily month over month, often at double digit rates (i.e. +389% in number of Live Accounts and +222% in Customer Funds over the last 3 quarters of 2012). We indeed have seen growth in our business beyond what anyone could ever have predicted, which inevitably came with challenges. Working together with both our clients and partners has enabled us to overcome them one at a time and we will continue to do so in 2015.

Our comprehensive solutions are available to a vast array of sophisticated clients and partners via the “Meta Trader 4+”, the “Multi-MAM”, and “FIX API”. Without any exception or differentiation, our clients benefit from Ultra-Low Latency 100% DMA/STP Execution, deep Multi-Bank Liquidity, Smart Order Routing, and Institutional Pricing, all applied to a comprehensive Multi-Asset Class package (i.e. Equities, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Metals and Bonds).

Every single one of our Clients’ orders are systematically Straight Through Processed to our Liquidity Providers on a "Fill or Fill" basis (i.e. no requotes) with both positive and negative Slippage enabled (i.e. no broker intervention on price improvement). We also pride ourselves for being able to provide upon Clients’ requests all relevant MiFID compliant Post-Trade Execution Reports presenting Execution Times and naming which Liquidity Provider filled any given order.

Our Revenue Model is strictly Commission-based, while we are exclusively licensed as a Matched Principal Broker (100% DMA/STP Agency Model). Simply put, these are the two absolute pre-requisites to operate a fully Transparent Trader-Centric Brokerage without any compromises.

Such specifications have been proven to increase Nominal Trading Volumes and Profitability of end-clients overtime, which is specifically what we aim for. Some say, “no one becomes perfect, but some become great”. I can say with confidence our commitment to Transparency, Quality of Service and Reputation is second to none. Myself, as well as everyone at Edge, aim at stressing integrity and honesty, something many in the Industry may not be able to claim and my commitment is to take personal care of every unlikely yet possible matter that may affect our valued customers.

As trader-centric as we can be, we will continue to enhance our clients’ trading experience while reducing their transaction costs and facilitating their overall profitability. Yet, we regrettably have experienced that operating a disruptive business model within an ultra-competitive and aggressive marketplace comes with defies. Indeed, as the ransom of our success, we have already faced unjustified, falsified and defamatory actions against Edge Brokers undertaken in bad faith as part of a competitor’s strategy to obtain market share from us. This may happen again, and for this reason I shall call every one of our valued customers to post constructive feedback online, hence joining our efforts to limit the negative impact generated by those competitors whom cannot afford to compete fairly against genuine game changers.

We at Edge Brokers have learned that success comes from taking great care of Clients and Partners. For this reason, we shall be fully committed to your success, and I am confident Edge Brokers will provide levels of Technology, Liquidity, Execution and Support that will exceed your expectations.

It would therefore be our great pleasure to serve you as your broker of choice, and together do business the right way!

With best regards,

Richard S Burge
President & CEO

From the MD

Who could know traders' needs better than the traders themselves?
This is the simple idea behind Edge Brokers, the first broker founded by traders for traders.

As an experienced Equity, Futures and Forex Trader myself, I have always been surprised by the lack of transparency affecting the latter asset class. Forex Brokers, unlike Equities and Futures Brokers, do not reflect core inter-banking price points, not mentioning the execution issue. Such systematic manipulations did affect myself as well as numerous of my CFD and Forex trading peers overtime, a frustration which has grown to become the main motivation behind setting up a Just Fair and Direct Brokerage operation.   

Edge Brokers is breaking new grounds within the broker scene. A broker by traders for traders is something unique.
Focusing on traders' needs, our highly-qualified and motivated team comes up with new ideas and solutions every day, providing traders with perfect tools and, at the same time, maximum transparency with regard to order execution.

I am very pleased to say we have succeeded in creating a product which is unique in many aspects, such as delivering all clients without any discrimination or differentiation and under a no price and no execution manipulation guarantee Edge’s Direct Market Access to one of the world's deepest pools of CFD and Forex Liquidity, delivering Best Execution on Equities via our Smart Order Router technology, or developing cutting-edge proprietary Meta Trader add-ons.

There were and are many people involved in implementing this project who, just like me, are fully committed to our corporate values: trust, fairness, and passion!

Trust: The daily work in our company is characterised by trust in the quality and motivation of each individual employee, and we want to create a basis of trust between ourselves and our clients in the same way. The concept behind Edge Brokers came from traders – We have managed to establish a unique virtuous cycle where your success systematically becomes our success!

Fairness: A basic requirement for us! Everybody has the right to fair treatment, be it an employee, a client or a partner. This is, unfortunately, a virtue that is somewhat neglected these days!

Passion: We all share a passion for the financial markets, respectively. This passion is something we have in common with our clients and partners. An exciting, demanding working environment that brings new challenges every day! And every day, this passion for the markets spurs us on to become even better!

We are convinced that our performance will speak for itself and that we will be able to strengthen a strong brand with global reach. This opportunity gives us great joy to offer traders a direct and fair access to the exciting, fast-paced financial markets.

We will continue to work hard to provide traders with innovations that match and exceed their needs.

With best regards,

Jean Ducret Le Pen
Partner & MD

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Risk Warning:

Edge Brokers offers trading on margin. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you, and losses can exceed your entire investment. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary and review our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Disclosure before opening an account. Copyright © 2012 Edge Brokers Ltd.
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